Beyoncé - Take My Hand. Precious Lord! Who is she taking about?..Listen to the Fans!

Fans posted controversial comments on YouTube:

Noe Gonzalez

"Just because people say "god" or "lord" does not mean they are talking about the God of the Holy Bible these people are in defiance to God of the bible and you really think shes singing to him? She is singing to the god of this world"


"EVERYONE who is saying something bad about a celeb will IMMEDIATELY get attacked by the fandom. Why are you hating on the Beyhive so much?! Yeah well maybe some of us take things way too far,but not all of us. We love Beyonce more than words can describe and obviously we will defend her on everything. When someone is talking shit about a person that you adore,you can't just shut up,it makes you angry. And that happens in every fandom"

Al Williams

"The fact you can comment on a video of a singer singing a CHRISTIAN song, and have the nerve to call Christians derogatory names because they have an opinion about a person singing a CHRISTIAN song, is probably the most ignorant thing I've read on YouTube in two days"

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