The Evolution of Music! Love You For Life!

Born in a small town in Mississippi USA, Evolv3 is known in his town as a true believer in music who stays true to his roots. Early in his life, Evolv3 became engrossed in the world of poetry and the art of singing.

Growing up listening to classic R&B music, he looked up to artists such as R. Kelly, H-Town, Silk, Sam Cook, David Ruffin, Charlie Wilson and many others. In his youth, he explored singing and became a member of his school choir.

He dramatically advanced past his peers, learning chorus music and becoming a excellent vocalist.
As a teenager, Evolv3 joined up with great producers, and music became more than his passion, it became his mission to reach others through writing and singing his own songs.

"Music is not just what I do but music is like that first key I heard on a piano, and I never let a day go by without expressing my heart through words or music. Music is my therapy!"

He has entered and won numerous showcases to test his talent! Some say it was like magic in the making! When people knew he was performing they would reserve sets just for his performance.

With all of these great accomplishments happening for Evolv3, he has remained humble. "In order to be something in this lifetime you must first know what it feels like to have nothing."

Evolv3 is currently working on his first EP "Love You For Life" which will be released in late May 2015! He feels music; true music has no genre that it should be expressed freely. His mission is to bring love back into music.... to make people fall in love for the first time, and make others fall all over again!! Love never fails! According to

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